Despite the fact that overall road safety figures for the UK have improved, the number of cyclists killed on the roads has risen in recent years, leading to a new safety campaign urging motorists to be more aware of cyclists.

Figures show that the number of cyclists killed on UK roads has risen substantially in recent years, with 107 fatalities in 2011 and 118 in 2012. Many people have attributed the growing figures to the increasing number of cyclists using British roads, however safety campaigners have urged motorists to be more vigilant and are now in the process of introducing a safety campaign which will roll out across cities in the UK.

London currently has the highest number of cyclist fatalities and as such the campaign is starting there before being rolled out to Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Bristol and Cambridge. These cities were chosen because after London they have the highest number of cyclist deaths in the UK.

The campaign will use graphic images to show the effects that simple actions such as opening car doors can have on the safety of cyclists in the hope that motorists and those searching for used cars Northumberland will use more care and attention.

Discussing the campaign, Road Safety Minister Robert Goodwill said “The UK has some of the safest roads in the world, but a number of cyclists are still killed or seriously injured every year and we are determined to tackle this. This campaign aims to make motorists aware of the need to look out for cyclists, ensuring they take extra care when turning at junctions, for example, and encourages cyclists to think about the dangers that they could be unaware of when they are riding.”

One of the many reasons why so many motorists opt for Ford Inverness when searching for a new or used car is because of the low costs of servicing and maintaining the vehicles.

Ford have now announced that they intend to make this easier and cheaper for motorists with older cars, confirming that their new Motorcraft 4+ scheme will cap servicing costs for all cars that are four or more years old.

The new costs which will be introduced nationally will mean that any person with a Ford which is four years or older will only pay a maximum of £189 for a major service. This cost will include parts, labour and VAT. There are a further two prices of £119 for a minor service with similar terms and £35 for an MOT.

The project is being offered by some 550 Ford dealers throughout the country and was discussed by Ford Customer Services Division Spokesman Jon Wellsman who said “The Ford Motorcraft package offers all owners of Ford vehicles the quality of service they expect from a Ford dealer, with unrivalled expertise, at competitive prices.”

The costs are applicable to all Ford models with the exception of LPG and RS models but includes commercial vehicles as well as standard cars.

A lot of financial loss for most car owners happens in parking lots. Despite the fact that such parts normally have very low average speeds, parking is normally a complicated process for most people and this is why many minor scrapes and bumps happen in parking lots. This is especially so when one is designed in such a manner as to be used to conserve as much space as possible, such as when designed for parallel parking.

It is therefore critical to ensure that such parking lots are designed with the aim of reducing such accidents from happening. One way to do this is through the use of proper car park barriers to mark individual parking spaces. When you are thinking of installing these, there are a number of things you need to keep in mind including:

Make sure they are visible

There are some barriers that make it difficult to park on account of the fact that they are not maximally visible. When you are installing barriers, you need to get ones that can easily be seen. For instance, they should be high enough so that anyone using them as a guide when parking will have a point of reference even if they are very close to it. This way, people can then park as close as possible to the barriers, reducing any potential to waste space.

Get sturdy barriers

Remember that there will always be people who will hit such barriers at one point or another. You therefore need to install barriers that are sturdy enough to withstand such minor accidents, such as when a new driver misjudges the distance to it and ends up hitting it at low speed. This way, you won’t have to keep spending money repairing damaged barriers, something that can cost when you run a large parking lot.

A five day campaign by Thames Valley and Hampshire Police has uncovered a worrying number of bad and dangerous practices among drivers.

These include using mobile phones, reading maps, shaving, brushing teeth and putting on make-up whilst in traffic.

In total, the two police forces issued 198 tickets and notices for motoring offences as part of the campaign, with the majority of these due to dangerous driving.

The campaign, which should be noted by all motorists and those looking for used cars Reading, was known as Operation Tramline and saw officers patrolling the M27, M2, A34, M40 and M4 in an unmarked lorry cab, recording and stopping motorists undergoing poor or dangerous behaviour.

Of those caught, the majority were prosecuted for the use of a mobile phone and received the standard punishment of a £100 fine and 3 points added to their licence. However, other behaviours included looking at maps, reading newspapers and using tablet computers.

Discussing the operation, Sgt Paul Dimond said “Many of the people stopped agreed with the police action and were very embarrassed having been caught on their phones. The vast majority were holding phones in their lap and accessing applications or texting with their hands held low – this can be very dangerous. These offences are being committed by otherwise law abiding and hardworking people. Unfortunately it is that same group of people that are being hurt as a result of the accidents. Distracted driving is proven to be a significant factor in many of the collisions on our roads. Motorways are statistically the safest roads to travel on. The vast majority of the motorists observed during the week were driving safely in compliance with the law.”

Citroen manufacturers, dealers and fans have cause for celebration as the company’s new and used vans have been placed as Britain’s fifth bestselling van.

Information collected and released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (known as SMMT) shows that van sales are on the rise.

Despite August being typically a rather slow month in terms of van sales, this August (2013) has proved particularly strong with commercial vehicle registrations being up by 15%.

Whilst Ford Transit dominate the market, and have done so for many years, the number of Citroen used vans and new vans sold across UK forecourts is also showing healthy growth, with the Berlingo selling 8,726 vans so far this year. This puts them only 2,317 behind the top spot and with great reviews and loyal customers, they have an extremely healthy position in a very closely fought market.

The rest of the top five was made up by the Vauxhall Vivaro, the VW Transporter and the Mercedes Benz Sprinter, whilst the top ten was completed with vans by Ford, Toyota, Fiat, VW and Peugeot.

Speaking about the figures, the SMMT confirmed “For vans, August is always a quieter month ahead of the September plate change but the 9.4% year-to-date rise in volumes is set to be maintained through to year end.”

Despite being shown, and being well received, at a number of worldwide automotive shows, the question of whether the new Subaru WRX STI will make it to British Dealerships is still hanging in the balance.

The reason for the question is that Subaru have yet to announce their plans. It is hoped that discussions in the very near future will be able to clarify the situation, and hopefully bring the much sought after model to UK motorists.

It is expected that, like the vehicles which appeared at the Frankfurt Motor Show as “production designs”, the WRX STI will be a four door saloon, with the current “rakish” profile being likely to stay as the key shape. Although few details of the power and ability of the vehicle have yet to be formally announced, it seems unlikely that the vehicle will be a hybrid. The reason behind this is that the hybrid technology being used by Subaru is currently not available at an affordable market rate, meaning that it would be unlikely that Subaru would want to gamble their sales on a vehicle they couldn’t market at a competitive price.

The few details which have been released suggest that a “very firm and rigid” structure will feature whilst the overall weight of the vehicle will be decreased.

Of course, for UK buyers, the question being most asked is will they be able to access it? Hopes are high that a UK delegation will soon be visiting the company headquarters to answer that very question.

Land Rover enthusiasts as well as manufacturing workers are celebrating the news that some 1,700 jobs are to be created at the Jaguar Land Rover factory in Solihull.

The new jobs form part of the company’s £1.5bn investment into new technology and it is thought that the investment will be used to develop aluminium chassis for future Land Rover models.

The investment and further details of what it could mean were unveiled by Jaguar Land Rover’s Chief Executive Dr Ralf Speth at the Frankfurt Motor Show, during which he said “Today’s announcement signals Jaguar Land Rover’s ambitions to push the boundaries and redefine premium car ownership.” He then went on to confirm “At Jaguar Land Rover we place the customer at the heart of everything we do and the introduction of a world class all-new aluminium vehicle architecture means we will be more competitive, flexible and efficient delivering exciting new products for our customers around the world.”

As a classic British model, the prospect of more Land Rovers and Range Rovers being designed and built in the UK is always seen as a positive step, and with many customers now searching for Range Rovers in Inverness as they seek a new vehicle, the news is extremely positive.

The new jobs are the latest in a long line of investments by the company into new manufacturing technique and British workers. They bring the total new jobs unveiled by the company in the last 3 years to just short of 11,000.

Honda fans are celebrating recent news that the company has received yet another top safety award.

The reputation of Honda vehicles has been rising significantly recently with safety standards, driving ability, reliability and efficiency all being highlighted as industry bests.

However, the recent award from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety which saw the 2014 Honda Odyssey Minivan becoming the first minivan to be awarded the Top Safety Pick Plus Designation is likely to ensure that those people seeking new Honda deals now have one more vehicle to add to their list of worthy competitors.

The tests which the Institute put the minivans through are seen by many as the pinnacle of safety tests, and the Honda beat out all other competitors. In order to claim first prize, the Odyssey was put through five separate crash tests.

The Institute state that any vehicle which is to receive their standard must gain a “good” rating in four out of the five tests with a minimum mark of “acceptable” in the fifth test. The Honda Odyssey however attained five “good” ratings ensuring their reputation as the best in the class.

Since being unveiled at the 2013 New York International Auto Show in March, the vehicle has been gaining positive buzz and reviews with this latest accolade only increasing excitement for launch.

Limousines provide people with a luxurious solution to travel from one point to the other. If you are planning to attend and exclusive event and want to make a statement with your arrival, hiring limousine services is one of the best ways for you to do this. Entrepreneurs have discovered this fact and therefore set up various companies to fill this market niche. They provide luxury car hire services with the option to either drive oneself or to have a chauffeur drive the client. This high-end transport industry has several advantages that attract clients to it.

Luxury interiors of vehicles

The limousines are customized vehicles that may be equipped with customized luxury interiors. Some of the typical features that could be expected inside a limousine include air conditioning to regulate different climatic zones within the interior of the vehicle. They also have great entertainment features such as high definition screens for watching video, great surround systems among others. They all serve to make the ride as comfortable as possible.


Typically hire services may be charged by the hour. The more time that passes with the vehicle under the client’s care, the more he/she has to pay. Some companies however vary charges according to mileage. Before signing the contract for hire, the client should ensure that he/she understands the terms and is ready to comply with them.


The hire company has an insurance cover covering the vehicle, the driver and all third parties against any risks of injury or damage. This protects the client against financial losses that may result from accidents caused by the vehicle. Before accepting the vehicle, it is recommended that clients check them to ensure all the components work correctly. Otherwise, disputes may erupt if any of the electrical or mechanical components fail.

Used cars, Scotland motorists should be aware, are exceptionally good value for money. Many people in Scotland shy away from buying used cars because, despite their low cost, they think they will have to pay time and time again in repair and maintenance costs, but this is only the case if they do not choose their used cars wisely. The average used car bought from a reputable dealer will be in good shape and perform almost as well as its new counterpart and it will cost significantly less, making it absolutely ideal for buyers from all walks of life.

Value for Money

When you buy used cars in Scotland, you will receive excellent value for money, providing you take the time to research used cars and honest dealers. Not only will you pay less upfront, but you will also find your insurance premiums are low and your car will retain more value than a new car which will rapidly lose value when you get behind the wheel. This means you can make massive savings and get the most value for money by choosing a high quality used car which meets all of your needs and is in good shape.